• The Ritual of Sakura - Large Gift Set 2022

The Ritual of Sakura - Large Gift Set 2022

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This renewing gift set is the perfect present for a friend, family member or as a treat for yourself. Contains a foaming shower gel 200ml, body cream 200ml, hair & body mist 50ml and mini fragrance sticks 70ml. Celebrate each day as a new beginning with these products based on the enchanting aromas of cherry blossom and rice milk. The origami design was inspired by the Japanese art of giving. In Japanese culture, gift wrapping can be just as important as the gift, where the gift is viewed as a form of communication between the giver and receiver. In a complimentary, re-usable, luxury storage box, you can give the gift box a second lease of life by keeping photographs, letters, or other cherished items in it.
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